Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Heron, E & H

Joint working name of Hesketh Prichard (1876-1922), UK author, sportsman, explorer and naturalist, and his mother Kate Prichard (née Ryall; 1851-1935). They also collaborated as "K. and Hesketh Prichard", and created three very popular series characters: the bandit Don Q, who featured in many adventures – Douglas Fairbanks starred in the movie Don "Q", Son of Zorro (1925) – November Joe, detective of the Canadian backwoods, and Flaxman Low, the first professional full-time Occult Detective (he preceded John Silence and Carnacki by a decade). Clearly influenced by Sherlock Holmes, Low was an Oxford-trained psychologist. E&HH's 12 Real Ghost Stories first appeared in Pearson's Magazine (January-June 1898, January-June 1899). They were collected as Ghosts: Being the Experiences of Flaxman Low (coll 1899; cut vt Ghost Stories 1916 as by E&HH; vt Flaxman Low, Psychic Detective 1993) as K and Hesketh Prichard. [RD/DRL]

Hesketh Prichard

Kate Prichard


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