Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Herbie, the Love Bug

US tv series (1982). Disney/CBS. Pr Kevin Corcoran. Exec pr William Robert Yates. Dir Bill Bixby, Charles S Dubin, Vincent McEveety. Spfx Michael Edmundson. Writers Arthur Alsberg, Don Nelson, Don Tait. Created by Alsberg, Nelson. Based on characters created by Gordon Buford. Starring Douglas Emerson (Robbie MacLane), Patricia Hardy (Susan MacLane), Dean Jones (Jim Douglas), Nicky Katt (Matthew MacLane), Richard Paul (Bo Phillips), Claudia Wells (Julie MacLane). 5 1hr episodes. Colour.

Disney's The Love Bug (1969) (see Herbie Movies) was the highest grossing movie of its year, a fact that led to several sequels as well as this series. Here Dean Jones, star of the original movie, was reunited with the Car for a mid-season replacement series. The premise is that Jones's character, Jim, has given up racing to open a driving school. Barely able to keep ahead of the bankers, Jim's only asset is Herbie, who is not above helping hapless students pass their tests just to aid Jim. Herbie also helps Jim meet an attractive widow, and soon she and her children are involved with Herbie and his misadventures. The series was no great success, but Disney have announced that another small-screen Herbie series will be launched soon. [BC]

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