Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Henighan, Tom

Working name of US-born academic and writer Thomas Joseph Henighan (1934-    ), in Canada from 1965. His nonfiction includes "Tarzan and Rima: The Myth and the Message" (1969 Riverside Quarterly) and Natural Space in Literature (1980); he also edited Brave New Universe (anth 1980), being essays on science and art. Tourists from Algol: Stories of the Unexpected (coll 1983) assembles sf and fantasy stories. In his impressive The Well of Time (1988 UK) a Viking settlement in North America is threatened by a Zombie-like race of risen dead; in her Quest for a saving Elixir, the heroine must undergo Metamorphosis into a Wendigo, and answer tough Riddles posed her by a fickle Odin. TH's collection of Dark Fantasies, Strange Attractors (coll 1991) similarly finds mythic echoes in the natural spaces of the great Canadian wilderness. Home Planet (coll 1994) is poetry. [JC]

Thomas Joseph Henighan


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