Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Heaven Can Wait [1943]

US movie (1943). 20th Century-Fox. Pr Ernst Lubitsch. Dir Lubitsch. Spfx Fred Sersen. Screenplay Samson Raphaelson. Based on the play Birthday by Lazlo Bus-Fekete. Starring Don Ameche (Henry Van Cleve), Charles Coburn (Hugo Van Cleve), Laird Cregar (The Devil), Gene Tierney (Martha Strable Van Cleve). 112 mins. Colour.

Henry Van Cleve, at the end of a long life, arrives in Hell to be interviewed by the Devil. He recounts his autobiography, and it proves that – though he regards himself as a sinner – his sins have been small ones; he is thus sent onwards to Heaven. Almost all of the movie is concerned with the lifelong romance between Henry and his wife Martha. [JG]

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