Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Hawke, Simon

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(1951-    ) US writer, born Nicholas Valentin Yermakov, but whose legal name is now SH. His career began with some sf adventure novels and the Boomerang series – all as by Nicholas Yermakov, and all in a baroque idiom. He wrote several unpretentious series as SH from about 1984, and military sf as J D Masters and S L Hunter.

Not all his series are sf. The Wizard sequence – The Wizard of 4th Street (1987), The Wizard of Whitechapel (1988), The Wizard of Sunset Strip (1989), The Wizard of Rue Morgue (1990), The Samurai Wizard (1991), The Wizard of Santa Fe (1991), The Wizard of Camelot (1993) and The Wizard of Lovecraft's Castle (1993) – is initially set in an sf-like 23rd-century post-Holocaust USA, though one which is actually an Alternate World in which rationalized Magic rules, where the protagonist must gain the aid of Merlin. Several of the tales are Urban Fantasy, focusing (in order) on New York, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Santa Fe. The 9 Lives of Catseye Gomez (1991 chap; exp vt The Nine Lives of Catseye Gomez 1992), a pendant, focuses on an intelligent Cat from the Santa Fe volume. [JC]

other works: Three Friday the 13th ties, Friday the 13th #1 * (1987), #2 * (1988) and #3 * (1988); a Batman tie, To Stalk a Specter * (1991); a comic-fantasy sequence, being The Reluctant Sorcerer (1992) and The Inadequate Adept (1993); the Chronicles of Athas series, contributed to the Dark Sun world, being The Outcast * (1993), The Seeker * (1994), The Nomad * (1994) and The Broken Blade * (1995); Birthright: The Iron Throne * (1995), another tie; and The Whims of Creation (1995), where a generation starship is invaded by denizens of Faerie.

Simon Hawke


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