Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Harris, Geraldine

(1951-    ) UK writer whose Seven Citadels sequence – Prince of the Godborn (1982), The Children of the Wind (1982), The Dead Kingdom (1983) and The Seventh Gate (1983) – follows the Quest of the young son of the ruler of the Empire of Galkis (which lies in a Secondary World) in his attempt to find Seven sorcerers who hold seven keys to open seven gates (> Portals) that bar him from the potential saviour of the land. The Plot-Coupon nature of the tale tends at times to detract from GH's quiet presentation of the slow maturation of the protagonist; but this understory does, eventually, prevail, and the protagonist's knot of passage into full adulthood (> Recognition) neatly makes possible the Healing of the land. [JC]

Geraldine Rachel Harris


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