Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Harris, Deborah Turner

(1951-    ) US writer whose Mages of Garillon sequence – The Burning Stone (1986), The Gauntlet of Malice (1987) and Spiral of Fire (1989) – is a Dynastic Fantasy set in a medievalized Scotland-like Land of Fable. The impetuous Magus of the first volume is a figure of some interest, as he gradually becomes a person who Learns Better; but the vividness is not consistently sustained. Caledon of the Mists (1994) shares a similar venue. DTH collaborated with Katherine Kurtz on the Adam Sinclair sequence: The Adept (1991), The Lodge of the Lynx (1992), The Templar Treasure (1993) and Dagger Magic (1995). [JC]

Deborah Turner Harris


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