Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Hardy, Lyndon

(1941-    ) US physicist and writer whose fantasy has been restricted to the Arcadia sequence: Master of the Five Magics (1980), Secret of the Sixth Magic (1984) and Riddle of the Seven Realms (1988). Rigorously applying the precepts of Rationalized Fantasy to the laws of Magic, LH has created an attractive, internally coherent, impossible science; although his novels avoid the Wonderland logic-chopping and attenuated sense of Reality typical of fantasy tales whose worlds are built and operated according to rules, he never strays far from his argument. In the first volume magic is divided into five categories – thaumaturgy, alchemy, magic, sorcery and wizardry – all meticulously distinguished. In the second volume a corrosive alternate form of magic invades Arcadia, and must be countered. In the third a Trickster protagonist careens through a variety of Realities contiguous to Arcadia's. [JC]

Lyndon Maurice Hardy


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