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Haining, Peter

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(1940-2007) UK writer and – more significantly – anthologist, under his own name and as William Pattrick, Richard Peyton and Sean Richards; he has also ghost-edited as Alfred Hitchcock. A high proportion of his books deal with Supernatural Fiction and Horror; but many of his Anthologies, and several of his nonfiction studies, concern Fantasy. His first book, Devil Worship in Britain (1964) with A V Sellwood, was an examination of Black Magic; his first anthology, The Hell of Mirrors (anth 1965; rev 1974; vt Everyman's Book of Classic Horror Stories 1976) was horror. Several nonfiction titles are of fantasy interest, including: Ghosts: The Illustrated History (1974) and A Dictionary of Ghosts (1981); Ancient Mysteries (1977); The Legend and Bizarre Crimes of Spring-Heeled Jack (1977) (see Spring-Heeled Jack); The Mystery and Terrible Murders of Sweeney Todd (1977); The Sherlock Holmes Compendium (1980; rev 1994); The Leprechaun's Kingdom (1980); and The Scarecrow: Fact and Fable (1988).

Anthologies of fantasy interest include The Gentlewomen of Evil: An Anthology of Rare Supernatural Stories from the Pens of Victorian Ladies (anth 1967), which includes work by Margaret Oliphant and others; The Clans of Darkness (anth 1971; vt Scottish Stories of Fantasy and Horror 1988 US); Gothic Tales of Terror (anth 1972 US: vt in 2 vols Great British Tales of Terror 1972 UK and Great Tales of Terror from Europe and America 1972 UK); The Magicians: Occult Stories (anth 1972); The Dream Machines (anth 1972), about balloons, with some fiction; The Monster Makers: Creators and Creations of Fantasy and Horror (anth 1974); The Magic Valley Travellers: Welsh Stories of Fantasy and Horror (anth 1974); The Ancient Mysteries Reader (anth 1975 US); The Fantastic Pulps (anth 1975); The Hashish Club #1: Founding the Modern Tradition (anth 1975) and #2: The Psychedelic Era (anth 1975); The Ghost's Companion: Stories of Personal Encounters with the Supernatural (anth 1975); Greasepaint and Ghosts: An Anthology of Strange and Supernatural Stories from the World of Theatre (anth 1982); Christmas Spirits: Ghost Stories of the Festive Season (anth 1983); Ghost Tour: An Armchair Journey through the Supernatural (anth 1984); The Ghost Ship (anth 1985); Supernatural Sleuths: Stories of Occult Investigators (anth 1986); Tales of Dungeons and Dragons (anth 1986); The Ghost Now Standing on Platform One (anth 1990; vt Journey into Fear 1991 US) as by Richard Peyton; Great Irish Stories of the Supernatural (anth 1992) and Great Irish Tales of the Unimaginable: Stories of Fantasy and Myth (anth 1994); and The Vampire Omnibus (anth 1995).

Edited editions of individual authors include: The Gaston Leroux Bedside Companion (coll 1980); The Final Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (coll 1981), Sherlock Holmes and the Sussex Vampire (coll 1981), Sherlock Holmes and the Devil's Foot (coll 1986) and The Supernatural Tales of Arthur Conan Doyle (coll 1987) (see Arthur Conan Doyle); The Best Short Stories of Rider Haggard (coll 1981) (see H Rider Haggard); Shades of Dracula (coll 1982) and Midnight Tales (coll 1990) (see Bram Stoker); The Complete Ghost Stories of Charles Dickens (coll 1982) and Charles Dickens's Christmas Ghost Stories (coll 1992) (see Christmas Books; Charles Dickens); Paths to the River Bank (coll 1983) (see Kenneth Grahame); The Complete Supernatural Stories of Rudyard Kipling (coll 1987) (see Rudyard Kipling); A Book of Learned Nonsense (coll 1987) (see Edward Lear); The Supernatural Tales of Thomas Hardy (coll 1988); The Best Supernatural Tales of Wilkie Collins (coll 1990) (see Wilkie Collins); The Fantasy and Mystery Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald (coll 1991) and The Best Supernatural Stories of John Buchan (coll 1991) (see John Buchan).

PH is sometimes superficial, but some books – The Dream Machines and The Scarecrow are two excellent examples – are both fascinating and extremely useful. And an anthology like The Vampire Omnibus, because of its thoroughness and its ample annotations, can shine new light on old territory. PH is one of the essential popularizers of the field. [JC]

other works

Nonfiction studies: Witchcraft and Black Magic (1971); The Anatomy of Witchcraft (1972); The Warlock's Book (1972); The Witchcraft Papers (1974); An Illustrated History of Witchcraft (1975); Terror! (1976; vt The Art of Horror Stories 1986 US); the True Mysteries sequence, comprising The Monster Trap (1976), Restless Bones (1978), The Screaming Skulls (1979), The Hell Hound (1980) and The Vampire Terror (1981); Fun to Know About Ghosts (1979) as by Sean Richards; Superstition: An Illustrated History (1979); The Man Who Was Frankenstein (1979); various Doctor Who studies, including Doctor Who: A Celebration (1983), Doctor Who: The Key to Time (1984), Doctor Who: The Time-Travellers' Guide (1987) and Doctor Who: 25 Glorious Years (1988); Eyewitness to the Galaxy (1985); The Race for Mars (1986); The Television Sherlock Holmes (1986); The Dracula Centenary Book (1987; vt The Dracula Scrapbook 1992, not to be confused with the 1976 anth); James Bond: A Celebration (1987); Meals on Wheels: W. Heath Robinson (1989); The Supernatural Coast (1992).


as PH: Where Nightmares Are (anth 1966); The Craft of Terror: Extracts from the Rare and Famous Gothic "Horror" Novels (anth 1966); Beyond the Curtain of Dark (anth 1966); Summoned from the Tomb (anth 1966) and Legends for the Dark (anth 1968), both assembled as Summoned from the Tomb (omni 1973); Dr Caligari's Black Book: An Excursion into the Macabre, in Thirteen Acts (anth 1968; rev 1969); The Evil People, Being Thirteen Strange and Terrible Accounts of Witchcraft, Black Magic, and Voodoo (anth 1968); The Midnight People (anth 1968; vt Vampires at Midnight 1970 US); The Unspeakable People, Being Twenty of the World's Most Horrible Horror Stories (anth 1969); The Satanists (anth 1969); The Witchcraft Reader (anth 1969); The Wild Night Company: Irish Tales of Terror (anth 1970; vt Irish Tales of Terror 1988 US); The Freak Show (anth 1970); The Hollywood Nightmare (anth 1970; rev 1971 US); A Circle of Witches: An Anthology of Victorian Witchcraft Stories (anth 1971); The Ghouls (anth 1971; vt in 2 vols as The Ghouls 1 1974 and The Ghouls 2 1974); Nightfrights: An Anthology of Macabre Tales that Have Frightened Three Generations (anth 1972); The Lucifer Society (anth 1972; vt Detours into the Macabre 1974; vt Masters of the Macabre: The Best of the 20th Century 1993); The Sherlock Holmes Scrapbook (anth 1973); The Nightmare Reader (anth 1973); Christopher Lee's New Chamber of Horrors (anth 1974; vt in 2 vols Christopher Lee's New Chamber of Horrors 1976 and More of Christopher Lee's New Chamber of Horrors 1976); The Penny Dreadful, or Strange, Horrid & Sensational Tales (anth 1975); The Dracula Scrapbook (anth 1976), nonfiction; The Black Magic Omnibus (anth 1976; vt in 2 vols Black Magic 1 1977 and Black Magic 2 1977); the Unknown sequence comprising Unknown Tales of Horror (anth 1976; vt The First Book of Unknown Tales of Horror 1976), The Second Book of Unknown Tales of Horror (anth 1978; vt Tales of Unknown Horror 1978) and More Tales of Unknown Horror (anth 1979; vt The Third Book of Unknown Tales of Horror 1980); The Edgar Allan Poe Scrapbook (anth 1977), nonfiction; The Frankenstein File (anth 1977); Deadly Nightshade: Strange Stories of the Dark (anth 1977); The Jules Verne Companion (anth 1978), nonfiction; The Ghost Finders: Tales of Some Famous Phantoms (anth 1978); The Shilling Shockers: Stories of Terror from the Gothic Bluebooks (anth 1978); The H.G. Wells Scrapbook (anth 1978), nonfiction; Classic Horror Omnibus, Volume 1: Five Classic Novels of Terror (anth 1979), no vol 2 published; Dead of Night: Horror Stories from Radio, Television and Films (anth 1981); Nightcaps and Nightmares: Ghosts with a Touch of Humour (anth 1983); Hallowe'en Hauntings: Stories About the Most Ghostly Night of the Year (anth 1984); Tune in for Fear (anth 1985); Zombie (anth 1985; vt Stories of the Walking Dead 1986); Vampire: Chilling Tales of the Undead (anth 1985); Werewolf: Horror Stories of the Man-Beast (anth 1987); Poltergeist: Tales of Deadly Ghosts (anth 1987); Movie Monsters (anth 1988); The Mummy: Stories of the Living Corpse (anth 1988); Murder on the Menu (anth 1991); The Television Detectives Omnibus (anth 1992; vt Great Tales of Crime and Detection 1993 US; vt The Armchair Detectives 1993 UK), associational; The Television Late Night Horror Omnibus (anth 1993; vt The Armchair Horror Collection: Great Tales from TV Anthology Series 1994); Frankenstein: The Monster Wakes (anth 1994); Tales from the Rogues' Gallery: A Guided Tour (anth 1994).

as Alfred Hitchcock: This Day's Evil (anth 1967); Behind the Locked Door and Other Strange Tales (anth 1967); Meet Death at Night (anth 1967); Guaranteed Rest in Peace (anth 1967); The Graveyard Man (anth 1968).

as William Pattrick: Mysterious Railway Stories (anth 1984); Mysterious Sea Stories (anth 1985); Mysterious Air Stories (anth 1986); Mysterious Motoring Stories (anth 1987; vt Duel, and Other Horror Stories of the Road 1987).

as Richard Peyton: Deadly Odds (anth 1986; vt At the Track 1988 US; vt in 2 vols as Deadly Odds 1988 UK and Deadlier Odds 1988 UK; vt in 1 vol as Great Racing Stories 1993 US); Sinister Gambits (anth 1991).

as Sean Richards: The Elephant Man and Other Freaks (anth 1980); The Barbarian Swordsmen (anth 1981), containing Sword-and-Sorcery tales.

Peter Alexander Haining


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