Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Gygax, Gary

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(1938-2008) US entrepreneur and writer, co-creator of the role-playing Game Dungeons & Dragons, and co-founder in 1974 of TSR, which publishes the game, and writer of associated books. As an author of fantasy novels, GG has been active from the mid-1980s, though his first book came much earlier. Victorious German Arms: An Alternate Military History of World War II (1973 chap) with Terry Stafford describes what might have happened had Germany won the Battle of Stalingrad.

The Sagard the Barbarian sequence, all with Flint Dille, comprises The Ice Dragon * (1985), The Green Hydra * (1985), The Crimson Sea * (1985) and The Fire Demon * (1986); the Greyhawk sequence comprises Saga of Old City * (1985) and Artifact of Evil * (1986); the Gord the Rogue sequence comprises Sea of Death * (1987), Night Arrant * (coll 1987), City of Hawks * (1987), Come Endless Darkness * (1988) and Dance of Demons * (1988); and the Dangerous Journeys sequence comprises The Anubis Murders * (1992), The Samarkand Solution * (1993) and Death in Delhi * (1993). The Temple of Elemental Evil * (1985) with Frank Mentzer is a singleton. [JC]

other works (nonfiction): Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Monster Manual (1977); AD&D: Players Handbook (1978); AD&D: Dungeon Masters Guide (1979; rev 1989); AD&D: Monster Manual II (1983); Official AD&D Unearthed Arcana (1985); Oriental Adventures (1985) with David Cook and François Marcela-Froideval; Role-Playing Mastery (1987); Master of the Game (1989).

Ernest Gary Gygax


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