Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Grant, Kathryn

(1952-    ) US writer and journalist, married to Charles L Grant. KG started writing historical romances as Kathryn Atwood, Kathleen Maxwell and Anne Mayfield before turning to fantasy and Horror. The Land of Ten Thousand Willows is a High-Fantasy trilogy set in a Land-of-Fable pre-Manchu China: The Phoenix Bells (1987), The Black Jade Road (1989) and The Willow Garden (1989) combine Chinese, English and Russian folklore, fantasy and real history. Under her maiden name, Kathryn Ptacek, she has written the horror novels Shadoweyes (1984), which won the Porgie Award (Silver Medal), Blood Autumn (1985), which won the Porgie (Gold Award), Kachina (1986), In Silence Sealed (1988), Ghost Dance (1990) and The Hunted (1993). [JF]

as editor: Women of Darkness (anth 1988); Women of the West (anth 1990); Women of Darkness II (anth 1990); The Gila Queen's Guide to Markets, a monthly market report and newsletter for writers and artists.

Kathryn Grant


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