Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Gedge, Pauline

(1945-    ) New Zealand-born writer, in Canada from the mid-1950s. Most of her novels have been historical fiction, including Child of the Morning (1977) and The Twelfth Transforming (1984), both set in ancient Egypt, and The Eagle and the Raven (1978), set in Celtic Britain. A later novel, Scroll of Saqqara (1990; vt Mirage 1991 US), also set in ancient Egypt, is a fantasy involving Reincarnation and a scroll with mystical powers. PG is of note as a fantasy writer primarily for Stargate (1982), a tale of vast scope. The creator of the Universe has become its Unmaker, through rage at the Law-Giver who controls his acts of creation; and systematically destroys world after world, each of them ruled by a sun-god and inhabited by mortals previously innocent of sin. The only way to stop the Unmaker, who as Dark Lord is a kind of Parody of himself, is to close the eponymous Portals between the worlds. Although a single world survives at the end of the complex tale, a sense of irremediable loss remains. This is unconnected with the movie Stargate (1994). [JC]

Pauline Alice Gedge


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