Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Fu Manchu Movies

Two series of movies based on the character Fu Manchu. The first comprises The Mysterious Dr Fu Manchu (1929), The Return of Fu Manchu (1930), Daughter of the Dragon (1931), The Mask of Fu Manchu (1932) and Drums of Fu Manchu (1940). Warner Oland played the doctor in the first three of these UK b/w movies; Boris Karloff took over for the fourth and Henry Brandon for the last. A second series, starring Christopher Lee, came much later: The Face of Fu Manchu (1965), The Brides of Fu Manchu (1966), The Vengeance of Fu Manchu (1967), Blood of Fu Manchu (1968) and Castle of Fu Manchu (1968). The Fiendish Plot of Fu Manchu (1980), starring Peter Sellers, is a spoof of the oeuvre. [JG]

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