Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Fu Manchu

More properly, Doctor Fu Manchu. A Chinese master criminal, corrupted sage, head of the dread "Si-Fan", a secret society dedicated to Evil, and an emblem of the Yellow Peril. He was created by Sax Rohmer in 1912, and appeared in many novels, beginning with The Mystery of Dr Fu Manchu (fixup 1913; vt The Insidious Dr Fu Manchu 1913 US). The early Fu Manchu novels have a Gaslight-Romance flavour, as does the recent Sequel by Other Hands, Ten Years Beyond Baker Street (1984) by Cay Van Ash (1918-1994), in which FM fights Sherlock Holmes. FM's normal foe is Nayland Smith, a white man with enormous pluck. There were radio and Comics adaptations, a US tv series – The Adventures of Fu Manchu (1955-1956) – and the Fu Manchu Movies. [JC]


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