Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Froud, Brian

(1949-    ) UK illustrator of fantasy and fairytale subjects, much of whose work is in the line and subdued colour-wash style of traditional English book Illustration, with many elements showing the distinct influence of Arthur Rackham. His creatures, however, are uniquely his own, having a charm and originality that gives his work a distinctive personal quality. He also works in a fully rendered, meticulously detailed style reminiscent of natural-history watercolourists like Beatrix Potter, for some of his fairy paintings; in these he often depicts blue- or green-skinned children with gossamer Wings among wild flowers and woodland undergrowth. He is also a modelmaker, and has worked as designer on fantasy movies.

BF illustrated several children's books, including Margaret Mahy's The Wind Between the Stars (1975 chap) and Are All the Giants Dead? (1977 chap), before collaborating with Alan Lee on Faeries (graph 1978). He was a conceptual designer on the movies The Dark Crystal (1982) and Labyrinth (1986). He is illustrator of the series Brian Froud's Faerielands, which to date includes The Wild Wood (graph 1994) with text by Charles de Lint and Something Rich and Strange (graph 1994) with text by Patricia A McKillip.

other works: The World of the Dark Crystal * (1982) with J J Llewellyn and Rupert Brown; Goblins (graph 1983 chap); The Goblins of the Labyrinth (graph 1986) and The Goblin Companion (graph 1996 chap), both with Terry Jones; Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book (graph 1994) with Jones, which won a Hugo Award. [RT]

see also: Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (1993).

Brian Froud


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