Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Frith, Nigel

(1941-    ) UK writer whose first book, The Lover's Annual (coll 1965), consisted of poems written in a troubadour idiom, and who began publishing material of genre interest with The Legend of Krishna (1975; vt Krishna 1985) which, like The Spear of Mistletoe: An Epic (1977; vt Asgard 1982), attempts to recuperate a sense of the original Being of the Gods whose biographies are here recounted with Twice-Told faithfulness. His Pangaia sequence – Jormundgand (1986), Dragon (1987) and Olympiad (1988) – retells other Myths and Legends. A play, Commedia (performed 1987), is a re-creation of the Commedia dell'Arte style. Snow (1993) is a Ghost Story set at a contemporary university; most of its characters are plagued by Underlier echoes they cannot cope with. [JC]

Nigel Andrew Silver Frith


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