Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Freeman, Mary E Wilkins

(1852-1930) US writer. Her first stories were for children. Of her 200 or so stories for adults, most are realist tales set in New England; only about a dozen are Supernatural Fictions. Some are scattered in otherwise realist collections like A Humble Romance and Other Stories (coll 1891), A New England Nun and Other Stories (coll 1891) and Silence and Other Stories (coll 1898); some MEWF assembled herself as The Wind in the Rose-Bush and Other Stories of the Supernatural (coll 1903), while Collected Ghost Stories (coll 1974) assembles 11 tales as by Mary E Wilkins-Freeman, her name in later life. (She is also referred to as Mary E Wilkins.) A texture of Belatedness infuses most of her supernatural fictions. "Luella Miller" is a tale of psychic vampirism (see Vampires). Only one tale, "The Hall Bedroom" (1905), is fantasy: a Picture in a boarding-house is a Portal to a benign Alternate World, into which the main character of the tale disappears. [JC]

Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman


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