Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Franklin, Cheryl J

(1955-    ) US writer who has published both sf and fantasy, though her sf tends to be constructed so as to allow tales of a fantasy hue to exist within an sf explanation. This is clearest in the Network/Consortium sequence – The Light in Exile (1990) and The Inquisitor (1992) – which is set in a Planetary-Romance venue, and concentrates on the plus side of psychic vampirism (see Vampires), depicting the parasitic Mirlai from outer space as spiritually enhancing for those who have been possessed (see Possession). The Fire Lord series – Fire Get (1987), Fire Lord (1989) and Fire Crossing (1991) – is more purely fantasy, and is unremarkable except for a sense, confirmed in the third volume, that this and the sf sequence are linked. In Sable, Shadow, and Ice (1994), a singleton, oppositions between good and bad mages, similar to those which fuel CJF's series, cause strife in a post-Holocaust world where Merlin-worshipping polytheists find themselves opposed by a revived monotheism. [JC]

Cheryl Jean Franklin


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