Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Frank, Frederick S

(1935-    ) US academic whose investigations – both critical and bibliographical – into Gothic literature (see Edifice; Gothic Fantasy) have been of seminal importance. Guide to the Gothic: An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism (1984; cut vt Gothic Fiction: A Master List of Twentieth Century Criticism and Research 1988) is useful; but The First Gothics: A Critical Guide to the English Gothic Novel (1987) is an essential, searchingly annotated, cunningly selected bibliography of the field, focusing on 500 of an estimated 5000 eligible titles. Montague Summers: A Bibliographical Portrait (1988) presents a portrait of that self-taught scholar in the Gothic and supernatural. Through the Pale Door: A Guide to and Through the American Gothic (1990) repeats for US literature (1798-1990) the task The First Gothics performs for the parent tradition. [JC]

Frederick Stilson Frank


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