Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Fraggle Rock

US tv series (1983-1988). Jim Henson Productions/HBO. Pr Duncan Kenworthy, Lawrence S Mirkin. Exec pr Jim Henson. Dir Henson and many others. Spfx Faz Fazakas, Tim McElcheran. Writers Jerry Juhl & Susan Juhl and many others. Created by Henson. Comics adaptation Fraggle Rock * (14 issues 1985-1988) from Marvel Comics. Starring Gerry Parkes (Doc). 96 30min episodes.

The Fraggles are a band of small, gaily coloured creatures who live underneath the workshop of Doc, a handyman, who is unaware of their existence (his dog, Sprocket, has discovered the Fraggles but can never catch one to show Doc). In fact, there are three Wainscot communities Underground: the Fraggles themselves, the Doozers, and the fearful Gorgs. The Fraggles are generally friendly, mostly content to live in their subterranean world. The Doozers, quite different, have as their sole purpose in life the building of huge, elaborate structures across the cavern, structures which serve the Fraggles as snacks. The Gorgs think themselves the rulers of a kingdom, but in actuality there are just the three of them: a father, mother and son, Junior. They try to catch the Fraggles to make them their servants, but always their efforts are thwarted. The Fraggles would prefer to stay away from the Gorgs, but have to pass through Gorg territory to reach their oracle, the all-knowing Trash Heap.

Like other efforts from Henson, each story contains a moral of some sort. Overseas versions featured local hosts in place of Doc and Sprocket; in the UK, for example, the Fraggles lived underneath a lighthouse. The original version aired on the HBO cable service; and a cartoon version followed on NBC in 1987-1988. Numerous children's books were based on the series. [BC]

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