Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Fox, Gardner F

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(1911-1986) US author and Comics writer, active in the latter capacity from 1937 for DC Comics and later Marvel Comics, beginning with Detective Comics, scripting stories for Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, The Atom, Zatara, Hawkman, The Spectre, The Justice Society (subsequently Justice League) of America and Crom the Barbarian, which he created as a rake-off of Robert E Howard's Conan. GFF also created Adam Strange in the 1950s. He is estimated to have written over 4000 scripts. He published his first story of fantasy interest, "The Weirds of the Woodcarver" for Weird Tales in 1944, and from the end of WWII was active in many genres, writing at least 160 books under a variety of names. Of those novels not marketed as sf or fantasy some – like Woman of Kali (1953), which plays with the Hindu Gods, and One Sword for Love (1956), which is about Prester John – are of interest; as is The Druid Stone (1965) as by Simon Majors, a singleton featuring a contemporary man who is called to defend an Otherworld.

GFF's fantasy is mostly restricted to three sequences. The first, the Llarn sequence – Warrior of Llarn (1964) and Thief of Llarn (1966) – is a Planetary Romance. The Kothar sequence – Kothar – Barbarian Swordsman (coll of linked stories 1969), Kothar of the Magic Sword! (1969), Kothar and the Demon Queen (1969), Kothar and the Conjuror's Curse (1970) and Kothar and the Wizard Slayer (1970) – is derived from Conan in most particulars. The Kyrik sequence – Kyrik: Warlock Warrior (1975), Kyrik Fights the Demon World (1975), Kyrik and the Wizard's Sword (1976) and Kyrik and the Lost Queen (1976) – is similar, though darker. Both barbarian-warrior sequences are competent, occasionally amusing, and entirely professional. [JC]

Gardner Francis Fox


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