Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Fowler, Christopher

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(1953-    ) UK writer who also runs a movie marketing company, The Creative Partnership. Most of his stories are based in and around London, which he first explored in his bestselling début novel, Roofworld (1988), about a secret Wainscot society of misfits who live high on the London rooftops. He has continued to use the cityscape as an evocative backdrop for such Supernatural Fictions as Rune (1989), Red Bride (1992) and Darkest Day (1993); all four novels loosely comprise a London Quartet, in which characters cross over into each other's tales. Spanky (1994) is about a Pact with the Devil and a young man's demonic Doppelgänger; it and CF's subsequent novels, Psychoville (1995) and Disturbia (1996), are again set in the author's distinctive milieu. His short stories, which like his books often deal with themes of urban paranoia, broken relationships and loss of identity, have been collected in City Jitters (coll 1987), City Jitters Two (coll 1988), The Bureau of Lost Souls (coll 1989), Sharper Knives (coll 1992), Flesh Wounds (coll 1995) and Dracula's Library (coll 1997). More recently, he has experimented with "Tales of Britannica Castle I: Ginansia's Ravishment" (1995) and "II: Leperdandy's Revenge" (1995), a pair of fantasy stories inspired by the exotic grotesqueries of Mervyn Peake. "The Master Builder" (1989) was filmed as Through the Eyes of a Killer (1992 tvm US), and his first short story, "Left Hand Drive" (1987), was produced as an award-winning short in 1993. [SJ]

Christopher Fowler


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