Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Foster, Alan Dean

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(1946-    ) US writer who began publishing with "Some Notes Concerning a Green Box" for The Arkham Collector in 1971, and who has become well known as an author of sf and of many tv and movie novelizations, most of the latter also being sf. He has written some fantasy, including occasional novelizations of fantasy movies, like Clash of the Titans * (1981) and Krull * (1983). Almost all of his own fantasy appears in the Spellsinger sequence – Spellsinger at the Gate (1983; vt in 2 vols as Spellsinger 1983 and The Hour of the Gate 1984) and The Day of the Dissonance (1984), both assembled as Season of the Spellsong (omni 1985), plus The Moment of the Magician (1984), The Path of the Peramubulator (1985) and The Time of the Transference (1986), all three assembled as Spellsinger's Scherzo (omni 1987), plus Son of Spellsinger (1993) and Chorus Skating (1994) – during the course of which the human protagonist is yanked from Earth to a Secondary World with a Fantasyland backdrop, where he becomes a Hero, acquires various Companions, engages in various Quest routines and collects various Plot Coupons. Grotesqueries and doubletakes are common. [JC]

other works: The Horror on the Beach (1978 chap), a Cthulhu-Mythos tale; Shadowkeep * (1984), a game tie; Into the Out Of (1986), horror; Metrognome and Other Stories (coll 1990), containing some fantasy.

as editor: Smart Dragons, Foolish Elves (anth 1991) with Martin H Greenberg; Betcha Can't Read Just One (anth 1993) with Greenberg.

Alan Dean Foster


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