Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Foreman, Michael

(1938-    ) UK painter, illustrator and author of several stories which he himself has illustrated. Much of his Illustration has been on books for children with texts by other writers; these books are not treated in detail here. Texts both written and illustrated by MF include The Two Giants (graph 1967), The Great Sleigh Robbery (graph 1968), Moose (graph 1971), War and Peas (graph 1974) and Panda's Puzzle, and His Voyage of Discovery (graph 1977) and its sequels – Trick a Tracker (graph 1981), Land of Dreams (graph 1982), Ben's Baby (graph 1987) and Angel and the Wild Animal (graph 1988). His best work is unmistakable: over a delicately worked watercolour wash background, precisely (but wildly) imagined figures move with grace or venom or both. He has long served as (unpaid) art editor of the small journal Ambit, with which J G Ballard has also long been associated; and has been a central figure in UK fantasy illustration from about 1970.

MF began illustration work with The General (graph 1961), with text by his first wife, Janet Charters. Other illustrated books include: The Birthday Unicorn (1970 chap) by Janice Elliott; Mr Noah and the Second Flood (1973 chap) by Sheila Burnford (1918-1984); Rainbow Rider (1974 chap) by Jane Yolen; Hans Andersen: His Classic Fairy Tales (coll 1976) ed Eric Haugaard; The Stone Book (1976 chap), Granny Reardun (1977 chap), Tom Fobble's Day (1977 chap) and The Aimer Gate (1978 chap), all by Alan Garner, along with several of Garner's works for younger children; Popular Folk Tales (coll 1978) by the Grimm Brothers; The Pig Plantagenet (1980) by Allen Andrews; The City of Gold (coll 1980) by Peter Dickinson; Terry Jones' Fairy Tales (coll 1981) and other titles by Terry Jones; The Sleeping Beauty (coll 1982) by Angela Carter; A Christmas Carol (1983) by Charles Dickens; Letters from Hollywood (1986) by Michael Moorcock, nonfiction; The Jungle Book (1987 edition) and Just So Stories (1987) by Rudyard Kipling; Classics of the Macabre (coll 1987) by Daphne Du Maurier; and Arthur, High King of Britain (1994) by Michael Morpurgo. [JC]

Michael Foreman


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