Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Ford, Richard

(1948-    ) UK writer whose Faradawn sequence – Quest for the Faradawn (1982), Melvaig's Vision (1984) and Children of Ashgaroth (1986) – begins as an Animal Fantasy in which the protagonists undertake a great Quest upon whose success rests the fate of the world, which has been contaminated and thinned (see Thinning) by humans. A human Hero is raised from infancy in order to help with the quest for the three "Faradawn", currently held by Elves in their kingdom. Unfortunately, World War III intervenes. After the Holocaust young Melvaig survives partly by mystic recourse to Quest for the Faradawn itself, in this context a fictional Book, but not a maker of continuing Story. In the third volume, the animals return, tweely. The ultimate effect is of manipulation. [JC]

Richard Ford


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