Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Flash, The

US tv series (1990-1991). Pet Fly Productions, Warner Bros./CBS. Pr Don Kurt, Michael Lacoe, Steven Long Mitchell, Craig W Van Sickle. Exec pr Danny Bilson, Paul DeMeo. Dir Mario Azzopardi and many others. Spfx Robert D Bailey, Philip Barberio, Bill Schirmer. Writers Bilson, Howard Chaykin, Michael Reaves and many others. Starring Richard Belzer (Joe Kline), David Cassidy (The Mirror Master), Vito D'Ambrosio (Officer Bellows), Alex Desert (Julio Mendez), Mike Genovese (Lt Warren Garfield), Mark Hamill (The Trickster), Biff Manard (Officer Murphy), Dick Miller (Fosgate), Amanda Pays (Dr Tina McGee), John Wesley Shipp (Barry Allen/The Flash). 120min pilot and 20 60min episodes. Colour.

Another Comic-book hero came to life with the arrival of Flash, known also as "The Scarlet Speedster" in the comics. This version, reasonably close to the original, finds police scientist Allen doused with a strange brew of chemicals that somehow gives him super-speed. Literally faster than a speeding bullet, he becomes The Flash, protector of Central City. Aided by McGee, a brilliant scientist, he gets involved with a mutating drug that creates superhumans (but has horrific side-effects), a brain-controlling implant, suspended animation, an invisible thief, an evil clone and, in the most popular episodes, a deranged criminal known as The Trickster. Another popular episode placed The Flash several years in the future, where his absence has caused civilization to break down (shades of It's a Wonderful Life [1946]). Despite some great spfx and costumes, the series lasted only one season. [BC]

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