Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Fitzpatrick, Jim

(1948-    ) Self-taught Irish artist and illustrator, mainly of Celtic mythology. He works in a strong outline with some linear modelling, coloured with transparent and opaque watercolour; his pages are richly embellished in the manner of medieval Celtic manuscript decoration.

FP worked in advertising before producing and publishing a series of drawings entitled Celtia (graph coll 1974); one of these, "Morrigan", was purchased by the Victoria & Albert Museum. This success led to the publication of these drawings in book form along with further pieces under the title Jim Fitzpatrick: Celtia (graph coll 1975), which in turn led to the creation of his three-volume illustrated retelling of the folktales, myths and battle sagas of the Tuatha Dé Danann: The Book of Conquests (graph 1978 UK), The Silver Arm (graph 1981 UK) and Son of the Sun (graph 1987). [RT]

Other work: Erinsaga: The Mythological Paintings of Jim Fitzpatrick (graph 1985).

Jim Fitzpatrick


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