Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Fisk, Pauline

(1948-    ) UK writer whose fantasy is restricted to two YA novels. In Midnight Blue (1990) a distressed young woman steals a balloon which takes her to "the land beyond the sky", where, in a hallucinated Mirror world, she meets her near-Double, negotiates with strange Gods and goddesses about her evil grandmother, and enacts a Rite of Passage which takes her back to the ambivalences of her own home, where she can continue the Healing. Tyger Pool (1994) similarly pitches a young girl against an older family member, a conflict that escalates into a battle which shakes the fabric of the worlds. PF is a writer of considerable power: in her hands fantasy is genuinely threatening and offers a sense of genuine Redemption. [JC]

Pauline Fisk


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