Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Firbank, Ronald

(1886-1926) UK writer whose stories are intensely and elaborately designed as artifices of Decadence. He wrote nine novels, all short, all at a high pitch, and mostly detailing Lifestyle-Fantasy careers. The Artificial Princess (written circa 1910; 1934) presents a Twice-Told version of the story of Salome, along with an episode in which the Devil tempts a secondary character into sin. Prancing Nigger (1924 US; vt Sorrow in Sunlight 1925 UK) is of modest fantasy interest for its setting, the Caribbean Island of Tacarigua (see Imaginary Lands). Concerning the Eccentricities of Cardinal Pirelli (1926) follows the eponymous cleric, reported to the Vatican for baptizing a dog, in a search for transcendence that ends (successfully) in death. [JC]

Arthur Annesley Ronald Firbank


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