Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)

Two horror Magazines.

1. Distinguished by the exclamatory: Fear!, US digest magazine, bimonthly, 2 issues May-July 1960, published by Great American Publications; ed Joseph L Marx.

A companion to the sf magazine Fantastic Universe; some sf appears, though the contributors came mostly from the publisher's mystery magazines. The stories are routine, with the supernatural element being usually Black Magic. [MA]

2. UK slick-format magazine, 33 issues July/August 1988-September 1991, initially bimonthly, then monthly from July 1989, published by Newsfield; ed John Gilbert.

A heavily illustrated glossy magazine, F concentrated on Horror Movies and physical Horror in all of its forms. It was strong on author and personality profiles, and was briefly the UK's only horror-fiction magazine. It gave wide coverage to horror fiction and encouraged new writers, though little of quality emerged; F's best fiction, only marginally supernatural, came from more accomplished writers including John Brunner, Ramsey Campbell, Jonathan Carroll, Christopher Fowler, Thomas Ligotti, Darrell Schweitzer, Brian Stableford and Ian Watson. Although F was profitable, its publisher suffered financial losses on other magazines, which included Frighteners (3 issues July-September 1991), whose #1 had to be withdrawn from sale because of the story "Eric the Pie" by Graham Masterton (1946-    ). Newsfield's collapse also saw the demise of GMI, a companion Game magazine. [MA]

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