Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Fantasy Tales

UK small-press Magazine, 17 issues, irregular (approx twice yearly) Summer 1977-Summer 1987, then relaunched in book format as an anthology series, 7 issues, Autumn 1988-Winter 1991. All issues ed Stephen Jones and David A Sutton (1947-    ), who published the magazine issues; book issues were published by Robinson Books, London, and from Spring 1990 jointly in the USA by Carroll & Graf, New York.

FT was launched as a deliberate latterday tribute to Weird Tales and, though limited by finance, was moderately successful in this; it focused primarily on either Low Fantasy or Lovecraftian fiction (see H P Lovecraft). The magazine was avidly supported by the editors' close colleagues, including Ramsey Campbell and Karl Edward Wagner, whose contributions elevated the magazine above the norm, resulting in it being an almost annual winner of the British Fantasy Award from 1979, and winning the World Fantasy Award in 1984. Later issues evoked a strong WT atmosphere, with new stories by Hugh B Cave, H Warner Munn and Manly Wade Wellman, plus reprints from Robert Bloch and Fritz Leiber. The new generation of writers were amply represented by Clive Barker, Dennis Etchison, Joel Lane (1963-2013), Thomas Ligotti, Brian Lumley and Richard Christian Matheson. The anthology series continued in much the same vein, with a slight shift towards visceral Horror, satisfying its small core of readers but never becoming financially viable. A representative selection from past issues was published as The Best Horror from Fantasy Tales (anth 1988) ed Jones and Sutton, while some of the material acquired for but unused in the magazine and series was issued as The Anthology of Fantasy & the Supernatural (anth 1994) ed Jones and Sutton. [MA]


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