Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Fantasy Book

Two unrelated US small-press Magazines.

1. 8 issues, irregular, undated July 1947-January 1951, published and ed William L Crawford (1911-1984), Los Angeles.

This concentrated on sf, though with some borderline fantasies by Andre Norton and A E van Vogt. [MA]

2. 23 issues, quarterly, October 1981-March 1987, published and ed Dennis Mallonee and Nick Smith, Pasadena.

This focused solely on fantasy, in all its forms, hoping to fill a void left by the passing of Fantastic. The first issues suggested close links with Unknown, not just because of stories by H L Gold and L Ron Hubbard but also in the style of its fiction, which slanted toward lighthearted Supernatural Fiction, with bizarre but nonthreatening invasions of reality. There was an emphasis on Mythical Creatures, especially Dragons and Unicorns, which featured strongly in the cover art, particularly by Corey Wolfe (1953-    ) and Janny Wurts. High Fantasy appeared less regularly, though was represented by works by Raul Garcia Capella (1933-    ), Katherine Kurtz and Darrell Schweitzer; most authors preferred historical (see Fantasies of History; History in Fantasy) and Oriental Fantasies. Later issues took a slightly darker turn, with supernatural Horror stories from Hugh B Cave, Brian Lumley (continuing H P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos stories), William F Nolan and Ian Watson, but humorous fantasy (see Humour) remained dominant. FB published some of the first professional stories by Esther Friesner, Mercedes Lackey and Josepha Sherman. Other regular contributors included Alan Dean Foster, Janet Fox (1940-    ), Stephen Goldin (1947-    ), Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Al Sarrantonio (1952-    ) and Terri Pinckard (1930-    ). FB was attractively illustrated throughout, but this cost contributed towards the suspension of publication in 1987. Two attempts to revive FB have been abortive. The magazine's approach has been closely followed by Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine. [MA]


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