Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Fantastic Journey, The

US tv series (1977). Bruce Lansbury Productions/Columbia Pictures/NBC. Pr Leonard Katzman. Exec pr Bruce Lansbury. Dir Barry Crane and many others. Writers D C Fontana (see SFE link below), Katzman and many others. Starring Ike Eisenmann (Scott Jordan), Carl Franklin (Dr Fred Walters), Jared Martin (Varian), Roddy McDowall (Dr Jonathan Willoway), Katie Saylor (Liana). 1 90min and 9 1hr episodes. Colour.

A research ship in the Bermuda Triangle is drawn into a strange cloud and wrecked. The survivors find themselves on a strange, uncharted Island where different Time-lines exist together, complete with beings from other years and races. To complicate matters, fierce timestorms sweep the area, tossing the travellers between eras and leaving chronal chaos in their wake. The travellers meet Varian, a man from the 23rd century, who tells them of Evoland, a rumoured way home, and together search for a way out, only to find themselves endangered by relic people from Atlantis. With the assistance of Liana, an Atlantean who can communicate with animals, they escape, but in the second episode most are killed. Jordan, Varian and Liana, with a rebellious scientist, Willoway, battle across the island towards the elusive Evoland ... but the series ended before they got there. [BC]


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