Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Eyes of Laura Mars

US movie (1978). Columbia. Pr Jon Peters. Exec pr Jack H Harris. Dir Irvin Kershner. Spfx James Liles. Stills Rebecca Blake, Helmut Newton. Screenplay John Carpenter, David Zelag Goodman. Novelization Eyes of Laura Mars * (1978) by H(arriet) B Gilmour (1939-    ). Starring Rene Auberjonois (Donald Phelps), Brad Dourif (Tommy Ludlow), Faye Dunaway (Laura Mars), Tommy Lee Jones (Lt John Neville), Raul Julia (Michael Reisler). 104 mins. Colour.

Photographer Mars's sexually violent images are the latest chic in New York. She starts having clairvoyant Dreams and Visions of watching from a Serial Killer's vantage as he murders her associates by stabbing through the eyes. Incredulous cop Neville points out further that some of her previous photographs uncannily reproduce real scenes from unsolved murders. The murders continue; cop and photographer predictably become lovers. It proves Neville is a Multiple Personality whose alter ego – whom he believes is the spirit of his murdered mother, possessing him (see Possession) – is the killer.

Highly suspenseful, full of style and brio, EOLM is at a loss to supply a resolving conclusion; no explanation is offered for the telepathic link between Mars and Neville. This aside, EOLM has a lot to offer; it is of especial interest in that, unlike most others of its ilk, it focuses on clairvoyance (see Talents) rather than precognition. These visions are exceptionally convincingly rendered, seemingly by use of hand-held video. [JG]

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