Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Estes, Rose

(?   -    ) US writer who began her career as an employee of TSR, a significant generator of Games and texts, for whom she created the Endless Quest sequence of multiple-choice gamebooks; her similar Find Your Fate sequence was done for a different firm. More original were two series of Prehistoric Fantasies: Saga of the Lost LandsBlood of the Tiger (1987), Brother to the Lion (1988) and Spirit of the Hawk (1988) – involves Magic in an Ice Age setting; in the Hunter sequence – The Hunter (1990), The Hunter on Arena (1991) and The Hunter Victorious (1992) – aliens capture an Ice Age hunter for use as a gladiator, but he eventually wins through. The Contemporary-Fantasy Troll sequence – Troll-Taken (1993) and Troll-Quest (1995) – places a society of Trolls under Chicago, from which they are prone to kidnap children. [JC]

other works: The Endless Quest gamebooks, being Dungeon of Dread * (1982), Mountain of Mirrors * (1982), Pillars of Pentegarn * (1982), Return to Brookmere * (1982), Circus of Fear * (1983), Dragon of Doom * (1983), Hero of Washington Square * (1983), Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons * (1983) and Revolt of the Dwarves * (1983); the Find Your Fate gamebooks, being Indiana Jones and the Lost Treasure of Sheba * (1984), which is also tied to the Indiana Jones movies, The Children of the Dragon * (1985), The Trail of Death * (1985) and The Mystery of the Turkish Tattoo * (1986); Case of the Dancing Dinosaur (1985); the Greyhawk sequence of game ties, being Master Wolf * (1987), The Price of Power * (1987), The Demon Hand * (1988), The Name of the Game * (1988) and The Eyes Have It * (1989); Skryling's Blade * (1990) with Tom Wham and The Stone of Time * (1992), both contributions to the Runesword Shared-World sequence; Elfwood (1992); Iron Dragons: Mountains and Madness * (1993), game tie.

Rose Estes


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