Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Eshbach, Lloyd Arthur

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(1910-2003) US editor and writer who has been a central figure in sf publishing for over half a century, and most of whose early fiction – including his first, "The Man with the Silver Disc" for Scientific Detective in 1930 – was sf. Some of his early work was, however, fantasy, including The Elfin Lights (1934 chap); this material tended to reflect the influence of major writers of fantasy like A Merritt, and is not now much read, though some examples were included in Tyrants of Time (coll 1955). His major fantasies came in the 1980s, when he returned to writing with the Gates of Lucifer sequence: The Land Beyond the Gate (1984), The Armlet of the Gods (1986), The Sorceress of Scath (1988) and The Scroll of Lucifer (1990). A Portal sends the series' protagonist to four different Underworlds – the first and second amalgamate Celtic Fantasy and Nordic Fantasy, with Celts and Vikings and others tangling together; the third is vaguely Babylonian; the fourth faces the protagonist with Lucifer, who wants to reconquer the world. [JC]

further reading: Over My Shoulder: Reflections on a Science Fiction Era (1983) by LAE.

Lloyd Arthur Eshbach


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