Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Embleton, Ron

(1930-1988) Prolific UK artist and illustrator of Comic strips, Fairytales and historical and mythical subjects, with a meticulous, smooth, tightly controlled style. He approached Apex Publishing (later Scion Ltd) in 1947, where he began producing a wide range of strips for such titles as Big Hit Comic, Big Noise Comic and Big Pirate Comic, signing his work "by Ron" or "Byron". Over the next 10 years he produced many strips for all the major UK publishers.

His most remarkable early achievement was Wulf the Briton (Express Weekly 1957-1960), a story set in Roman-occupied Britain, with mythical undertones. This was followed by Wrath of the Gods (1963), written by Michael Moorcock, a story set in a Land-of-Fable Ancient Greece. It was now that RE began to develop his sleek painting style, unique for comic strips of that time. His interest in military history led him to work on educational publications, painting meticulously researched historical pictures as well as comic-strip versions of the Norse myths, Legends of the Rhineland, Tristan and Isolde, Tannhauser and others (Look and Learn 1972-1974), plus a single story in the long-running sf fantasy The Trigan Empire (Look and Learn 1969). He drew a number of sf strips based on characters created by Gerry Anderson (1929-2012).

RE provided charming Illustrations for many children's books. His historical illustrations were published in various collections for both children and adults, of which Hadrian's Wall in the Days of the Romans (graph 1984) is a prime example.

RE's adult work included a long running sexy-satirical saga in Penthouse called Oh Wicked Wanda (intermittently 1973-1978; graph coll 1976) written by Frederic Mullally (1918-2014), which was followed by Sweet Chastity (1981-1988) written by Bob Guccione, also for Penthouse. [RT/SH]

Ronald Sydney Embleton


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