Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Elliott, Janice

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(1931-1995) UK writer. Most of her novels – from Cave with Echoes (1962) on – lack any overt element of the Fantastic, but almost invariably they give off an ambience of the inexplicable and the menacing. Her sole sf novel, The Summer People (1980), places a cast in a holiday resort, where they remain as the polar icecaps begin to melt. Her Supernatural Fiction includes: Magic (1983), in which some characters can leave their bodies and commune with the Virgin Mary (> Goddess); Dr Gruber's Daughter (1986), which incorporates hints of Shapeshifting; The Sadness of Witches (1987), whose Witches are presented with such subtlety that the points of congress between supernatural and mundane worlds are impossible to fix; and City of Gates (1992), set in a Jerusalem guesthouse which works as a kind of Portal to a variety of epochs. The Arthurian Sword and the Dream YA sequence – The King Awakes (1987) and The Empty Throne (1988) – arouses the Once and Future King into a grim post-Holocaust UK. JE also wrote some tales for younger children, including The Birthday Unicorn (1970 chap), illustrated by Michael Foreman. [JC]

other works: The Country of her Dreams (1982), set within an ambience of the threat of nuclear war.

Janice Elliott


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