Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Edgerton, Teresa

(1949-    ) US writer whose works are mostly Celtic Fantasy, gathered into two linked sequences: the Green Lion series – Child of Saturn (1989), The Moon in Hiding (1989) and The Work of the Sun (1990) – and the Celydonn series – The Castle of the Silver Wheel (1993), The Grail and the Ring (1995) and The Moon and the Thorn (1995). The setting is a Fantasyland with Celtic colouring, and the first trilogy in particular is recognizably Genre Fantasy. There are, therefore, few surprises as an adolescent girl matures (see Rite of Passage), goes on a Quest, grows in power as a female Wizard despite the enmity of an evil princess, and saves the kingdom. But much of the detail is fresh, alertly recounted; the Sex is modestly convincing; the Christian-Fantasy elements are, as is appropriate in a Celtic Fantasy, subdued; the male co-protagonist, a Shapeshifter, interestingly teaches himself – via an Animal-Fantasy sequence with a wolf-pack – how to cope; and the tale grows in intensity. In the Celydonn books, a similar sprightliness enlivens a plot whose larger contours are unsurprising.

In the Goblin sequence – Goblin Moon (1991) and The Gnome's Engine (1991) – TE creates a somewhat more original environment, an Alternate-World medieval Europe in which a variety of species (except for the dire Goblins) live harmoniously together. A Malign Sleeper is aroused by an inept student of Alchemy; there is derring-do. In the second volume, a somewhat pixillated Technofantasy engine is created, through which various foes are defeated. TE remains a commercial writer, but one who could at any time abandon ship. [JC]

Teresa Ann Edgerton


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