Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Dziemianowicz, Stefan R

(1957-    ) US editor and critic who has concentrated on Horror and Supernatural Fiction, co-editing Necrofile: The Review of Horror Fiction from its inception in 1991; it won a 1995 British Fantasy Award. His anthologies include Weird Tales: 32 Unearthed Terrors (anth 1988), The Rivals of Weird Tales (anth 1990) with Martin H Greenberg and Robert Weinberg, Famous Fantastic Mysteries (anth 1991) with Greenberg and Weinberg, The Mists from Beyond (anth 1993) with Greenberg and Weinberg, To Sleep, Perchance to Dream . . . Nightmare (anth 1993) with Greenberg and Weinberg, the 100 series, all with Greenberg and Weinberg – 100 Ghastly Little Ghost Stories (anth 1993), 100 Creepy Little Creature Stories (anth 1994), 100 Wicked Little Witch Stories (anth 1995) and 100 Vicious Little Vampire Stories (anth 1995) – Sea-Cursed (anth 1994) with Greenberg and T Liam McDonald, and A Taste for Blood (anth 1995) with Greenberg and Weinberg.

SD's The Annotated Guide to Unknown and Unknown Worlds (1991) is a valuable issue-by-issue commentary (> Unknown). [JC]

Other work: The Core of Ramsey Campbell: A Bibliography & Reader's Guide (1995 chap) with S T Joshi and Ramsey Campbell.

Stefan Richard Dziemianowicz


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