Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Dwyer, James Francis

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(1874-1952) Australian writer and traveller, active from the early years of the century as an author of adventure stories, some of them Tall-Tale fantasy; a selection assembled as "Breath of the Jungle" (coll 1915 US) includes a Flying-Dutchman tale of some interest, "The Phantom Ship of Kirk van Tromp". His novels tend to be set in various unexplored regions of the world, and to hint at Lost-Races scenarios; The White Waterfall (1912 US), for instance, places its surface love story on a South Pacific Island, where a lost world is duly uncovered. The Spotted Panther (1913 US) plunges into a Land-of-Fable early-20th-century Orient, engaging its tough rapscallion protagonists in a Quest for a lost artifact whose recovery is necessary if civilization is not to be threatened by the forces of the East. Other work in book form (much remains uncollected) includes the Spillane series – The Lady with Feet of Gold (1937 UK) and The City of Cobras (1938 UK) – which reinvokes lost worlds. [JC]

other works: Evelyn: Something More than a Story (1929 US); Hespamora (1935 UK).

James Francis Dwyer


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