Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Dungeons and Dragons

US animated series (1983-1987). CBS. Pr Gary Gygax, Bob Richardson. Exec pr David DePatie, Lee Gunther. Dir Gerry Chiniquy, John Gibbs, Milt Gray, Tom Ray, Nelson Shin. Voice actors Willie Aames (Hank/Ranger), Peter Cullen (Venger), Ted Field III (Bobby/Barbarian), Toni Gayle Smith (Diana/Acrobat), Katie Leigh (Sheila/Thief), Sidney Miller (Dungeon Master), Donny Most (Eric/Cavalier), Adam Rich (Presto/Magician), Frank Welker (Uni). 27 30min episodes. Colour.

Inspired by the famous Game, this begins with six teenagers on a carnival ride that transports them into the past and a very different world. A being known as the Dungeon Master informs them they have been summoned to help defeat the evil Venger, a Wizard intent on conquering the world; only after his downfall will they be allowed home. Luckily the teenagers are given new Names and powers to help in their Quest; Sheila, for example, becomes Thief, with the power of Invisibility. They are aided by a Unicorn that can teleport them (see Talents) – but only once per day. During their battles with Venger, they face dangers including Dragons, an unexpected Transformation caused by a seemingly innocent flower, magic Rings and Venger's efforts to master the power of time travel. [BC]

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