Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)

Swedish live-action/Animated Movie (1974). GK-Film Visar/Tecknad/AB Europa Film Ljudstudio. Pr Gunnar Karlsson. Dir Per Åhlin. Screenplay Beppe Wolgers. Starring Beppe Wolgers (Father), Jens Wolgers (Jens). Voice actors Halvar Björk (Dunderklumpen), Gósla Ekman (En Dum En), Håkan Serner (Lejonel), Lotten Strömstedt (Dockan), Toots Thielemans (Pellegnillot). 80 mins. Colour.

The Troll-like (and animated) Dunderklumpen, starved of companionship, emerges from the forest – his Otherworld – to kidnap four Toys (also animated), from the live-action Wolgers household. Father and son (Jens) Wolgers, assisted by a "mean streets" bumblebee, pursue through a landscape partly animated and partly real. D contains some excellent animation among the dross: often very beautiful, this movie is perhaps best watched with the sound turned off. Its primary interest is as an early, and in animation terms rather good, example of the Toon movie. [JG]

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