Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)

US Animated Movie (1941). Disney. Pr Walt Disney. Sv dir Ben Sharpsteen. Story Joe Grant, Dick Huemer. Based on Dumbo, the Flying Elephant (date unknown) by Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl. Novelization Dumbo * (1975) by Derry Moffatt. Voice actors Ed Brophy (Timothy Mouse), Sterling Holloway (Stork), Malcolm Hutton (Skinny), Billy Sheets (Joe/clown), Margaret Wright (Casey Jr). 63½ mins. Colour.

Dumbo, an archetypal Ugly-Duckling figure, is mocked by the other elephants at the Circus because of his huge ears. Yet, inspired by pal Timothy Mouse and four hep crows, Dumbo discovers he can use those ears as wings, and soon he makes the circus the most famous in the land. Simple and short – Disney was strike-bound through much of its production – D is among the most enduringly popular movies of all time. [JG]

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