Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)

Beautiful, dark-haired, full-breasted star of the Druuna series of morbid sf/horror/fantasy Graphic Novels created and drawn by Italian artist Paolo Eleuteri-Serpieri (1944-    ). The first story, Morbus Gravis (Comic Art 1985; trans Heavy Metal 1986 US) introduces a rundown rubble-strewn City in which an epidemic disease causes the inhabitants to mutate into ghastly, tentacled cannibalistic monsters. After some horrifying adventures and gruesome sexual experiences, Druuna discovers the city is a gigantic derelict spaceship, aimlessly adrift. Further volumes have appeared at regular intervals: they include Morbus Gravis II (graph 1988; trans 1992 US), Creatura (graph 1991; trans 1993 US) and Carnivora (graph 1993; trans 1994 US).

The series' success owes much to the sexually explicit nature of many of Druuna's experiences and to Eleuteri-Serpieri's lovingly rendered art. His earlier work had consisted almost solely of strips about the US West, including contributions to the Larousse Histoire du Far West ["History of the Far West"] (graph 1975 France) and I Grandi Miti del West ["Great Legends of the West"] (graph coll 1978-1980 France; trans as Storie del West 1980 Italy), although his later work in this genre included fantasy elements – e.g., Sciamano ["Shaman"] (graph 1983) and L'Indiana Bianca ["The White Indian"] (graph 1984). He also collaborated with Victor de la Fuente (1927-2010), Raymond Poivet (1910-1999) and others on a very highly regarded Comic-strip version of The Bible (graph 1984 8 vols France; trans 1995-1996 24 vols UK). An impressive volume of his Druuna-related studies and sketches is À la Recherche de Druuna: Obsession (graph 1990; trans as Druuna X 1995 US). [RT]

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