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Doyle, Debra

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(1952-    ) US writer who began publishing work of genre interest with "Bad Blood" in Werewolves (anth 1988) ed Jane Yolen and Martin H Greenberg, which she later expanded into a novel (see below). All her books have been written in what seems an equal partnership with James D(ouglas) Macdonald (1954-    ). They first came to notice with the Circle of Magic sequence – School of Wizardry (1990), Tournament and Tower (1990), City by the Sea (1990), The Prince's Players (1990), The Prisoners of Bell Castle (1990) and The High King's Daughter (1990) – which tells of a young Wizard in easy language. Knight's Wyrd (1992) presents the adventures of a young Knight doomed (he fears) to an early death; he meets various supernatural creatures. Bad Blood (1993) and Hunter's Moon (1994) make up a children's series about Werewolves and Vampires. [JC]

other works: Ties include two titles in the Planet Builders sequence, Night of Ghosts and Lightning * (1989) and Zero-Sum Games * (1989), both as Robyn Tallis; Horror High: Pep Rally * (1991) as Nicholas Adams; two titles as by Victor Appleton in the 4th Tom Swift sequence, being Monster Machine * (1991) and Aquatech Warriors * (1991); Robert Silverberg's Time Tours #3: Timecrime, Inc * (1991); Daniel M. Pinkwater's Melvinge of the Megaverse #2: Night of the Living Rat * (1992); the Mageworlds series – The Price of the Stars (1992), Starpilot's Grave (1993), By Honor Betray'd (1994) and The Gathering Flame (1995) – the last being a prequel.

Debra Doyle


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