Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Douglas, Theo

Working name of UK author Mrs H(enrietta) D(orothy) Everett, née Huskisson (1851-1923). At least half her 22 novels had fantasy and supernatural content. In Iras: A Mystery (1896) an egyptologist unwraps an ancient Mummy, the beautiful Iras, who awakens from suspended animation. They fall in love and marry, but Iras is gradually transformed back into a mummy as seven magic pendants are removed individually from her necklace by various means. The Soul of the heroine of Nemo (1900) possesses (see Possession) and animates an Automaton against her will. One or Two (1907) is a grotesque account of the success of a fat woman in making herself thin by spiritualist means. Malevola (1914) is a psychic-Vampire story: the mysterious Madame Thérèse Despard is able to draw into herself the beauty and vitality of another during the process of massage. TD reverted to her own name for her final book, a collection of traditional Ghost Stories, The Death-Mask, and Other Ghosts (1920; exp 1995). [RD]

other works: Three Mysteries (1904); A White Witch (1908); Cousin Hugh (1910); White Webs (1912); Hadow of Shaws (1913); The Grey Countess (1913).

Mrs Henrietta Dorothy Everett


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