Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Double Life of Véronique, The

(ot La Double Vie de Véronique) Polish/French/Norwegian movie (1991). Sideral/Le Studio Canal/Tor/Varsovie/Norsk Film-Norvege. Pr Leonardo de la Fuente. Dir Krzysztof Kieślowski. Puppet-master Bruce Schwartz. Screenplay Kieślowski, Krzysztof Piesiewicz. Starring Sandrine Dumas (Catherine), Halina Gryglaszewska (Auntie), Jerry Gudejko (Antek), Irène Jacob (Veronika/Véronique), Wladyskaw Kowalski (Father), Philippe Volter (Alexandre Fabbri). 98 mins. Colour.

The converse of the Identity-Exchange movie: sexually naive Polish Veronika and sexually sophisticated French Véronique, knowing nothing of each other, share identities and the duplicated boyfriend Antek. In the past Véronique damaged her finger and gave up a career playing piano; Veronika, not knowing why, did likewise. Both become singers, but Veronika dies on stage so Véronique abandons singing to become a music teacher. Always feeling that there has been another of her, she eventually falls for Puppet-master Fabbri, who understands her entirely – perhaps more than herself, for it is he who accepts more easily than she that, years before when she was on holiday in Krakow, she took a photograph of her Double. This beautifully made movie is as much about Sex as about fantasy: in their two Realities Veronika chooses one course and Véronique another. [JG]

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