Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Doctor Strange

Two very different Comic-book characters.

1. Crimefighting Superhero scientist star of Thrilling Comics 1940-1948. He gained limitless power through taking draughts of Alosun, a distillate of sun atoms. At first he fought crime in a business suit, but in Thrilling #7 (1940) he formulated a new, improved Alosun which endowed him with even greater powers, including the ability to "soar through the air as if winged", at which time he began to affect a red teeshirt, blue riding breeches and black boots. In 1942 (Thrilling #24) he gained a boy companion, Mike, and together they fought crime and the Nazi menace. [RT]

2. Arrogant, moustachioed "Master of the Mystic Arts", whose costume consists of an enchanted gold-edged red cloak with a flamboyant high collar. Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in Strange Tales #110 (1963), Dr Stephen Strange, who lost his amazing surgical skill through nerve damage caused by a car accident, seeks out in the Himalayas the mystical Ancient One, from whom he learns the secrets of white Magic. DS goes on to save the Earth from diverse occult aggressors. The beautiful Clea became DS's love interest in Strange Tales #126 (1964).

Strange Tales was renamed Doctor Strange in 1968, and since then DS has featured in a number of comic books, including The Defenders, Marvel Premiere and Marvel Fanfare, as well as a few one-issue titles and short series bearing his name. A tvm based on version 2 was aired in 1978. A new DS series introduced in 1988, Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, continues at time of writing (1995). Many of the top names in comics have lent their talents to DS since Lee and Ditko left the character in the 1960s. [RT]

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