Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Dickson, Gordon R

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(1923-2001) Canadian-born US author who bulks large in the sf world but has written relatively little fantasy, although his ambitious Childe Cycle sf sequence utilizes Archetypes, Talents and hints of Reincarnation. The Dragon and the George fantasies comprise The Dragon and the George (as "The Dragon and the George" F&SF 1957; exp 1976), The Dragon Knight (1990), The Dragon on the Border (1992), The Dragon at War (1993) and The Dragon, the Earl, and the Troll (1994). In the first book, Astral-Body experiments project Jim Eckert and fiancée into an Alternate World medieval-Europe, she as herself and he occupying the body of a Dragon. Repairing the upset Balance requires Companions – a local Wizard, Knight, Wolf and others – to help assault a Dark Tower. There are interesting Rationalized-Fantasy asides. After victory and recovery of his body, Eckert chooses to remain in the magical world. The sequels are sadly ponderous.

GD's Jamie the Red character, devised for the Shared-World series Thieves' World (see Robert Asprin) and used by others (although GD failed to contribute), features in Jamie the Red (1984) with Roland J Green and in the title story of Beyond the Dar al-Harb (coll 1985). [DRL]

Other work: The Last Dream (coll 1987), including fantasy and Supernatural Fiction.

as editor (uncredited): Rod Serling's Triple W: Witches, Warlocks and Werewolves (anth 1963); Rod Serling's Devils and Demons (anth 1967).

Gordon Rupert Dickson


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